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    On the way to Smozhe, a village in Western Ukraine, an area formerly known as Galicia, 1997.
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    Motie, the oldest water carrier in Skala Podolskaya, 1927
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    Market scene in Rovno, Ukraine, 1939
  • homeRadom-big
    Lubelska Street in Radom, Poland, c. 1917
  • homeShepetovka-big
    The Jewish community of Shepetovka poses in front of the new cemetery gate funded by the Shepetovka Landsmanshaftn Society in New York, c. 1920
  • homeWagoninWater-big
    Just outside of Vashkovtsy, Ukraine, 1995
  • homeCzernowitz-big
    A main street in Czernowitz/Chernovitz (Chernovtsy), c. 1915

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