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Historical Overview
a. The Jews of Ukraine and Moldova
b. The Pale of Jewish Settlement
c. Introduction to Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldova
d. The Jews of Ukraine and Moldova
by Professor Zvi Gitelman
e. The Jewish Community of Ukraine:
Its Status and Perspectives
f. The Holocaust in Ukraine

g. Town Clips
Includes towns: BelzBerezhanyBereznoBoguslavBolekhovBurshtyn
BuskChernevtsy (Vinnitsa Oblast)GalichGorodenkaGorokhov
Staryy SamborTrostyanetsTulchinZholkvaZolochev
Archival Research in Ukraine
a. Following the Paper Trail: Genealogical Resources in the Ukrainian and Moldovan Archives

c. Nazi Gold Accumulated in Ukraine During World War II:
A Survey of Archival Sources

f. Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Lvov/Lviv (current director)

Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Lviv (Weiner/Bazarov)

h. Vinnitsa Oblast Archives:
  • State Archive of Vinnitsa Oblast
  • The Holocaust in Vinnitsa Oblast

i. Kamenets Podolskiy City-State Archives

j. Jewish Emigration from Ukraine, 1895-1917:
Holdings of the State Archive of Kiev Oblast

k. Jewish Records in the State Archives of Odessa Region:
Origin, Preservation and Access

l. Ukraine: Genealogical Resources by Miriam Weiner, CG
Origin, Preservation and Access

m. Jewish Pogroms in Ukraine, 1918-1921: Documents of Kiev District Commission for Relief to Victims of Pogroms.
Research Outside of the Archives
a. V. Vernadskyi National Library of Ukraine,
Department of Oriental Studies
(including Judaic Studies)
List of Pinkassim in the Vernadskyi Library

b. Private collection of Rabbi Moishe Leib Kolesnik in Ivano Frankivsk

c. Center for Jewish Art, Hebrew University (Jerusalem)
Article by Dr. Sergey R. Kravtsov

d. Synagogues in Ukraine, VOLHYNIA, Volume 2 Shepetivka, pp. 637-6512.
Article by Dr. Sergey R. Kravtsov and Dr. Vladimir Levin

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