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Creating the archival database for this website involved the gathering of a "team" from the United States, Belarus, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland and Ukraine. This team includes archivists, genealogists and historians, government officials and diplomats, leaders and members of Jewish communities in Eastern Europe, the board of directors of the Routes to Roots Foundation and many friends.

Most of these people have been part of this team for the past ten years during the research/publication process of
Jewish Roots in Poland and Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldova.

I particularly appreciate their understanding of the importance and value of this new project. Their responses to my numerous requests for assistance were prompt and often far exceeded the depth of what I requested.

In the USA, my production team included Stephen Freeman (Pagemaker Layout and PDF Conversion), Dorcas Gelabert (website design, graphics and layout), David M. Kleiman (website development, archive inventory programmer/website databases and technical advisor) and Jill Sagarin (administrative assistance, proofreader and much more). Others also provided translation services, information about archive documents, illustrations, guidance and facilitated the process, including Warren Blatt, Hal Bookbinder, Jeffrey K. Cymbler, Stanley Diamond, Professor Yaffa Eliach, Margarita Chernyak Flyash, Alex E. Friedlander, Frank Grelka, Lucille Gudis, Mark Halpern, William F. Hoffman, Howard Margol, Leonard Markowitz, Kahlile Mehr, Gary Mokotoff, James Oppenheim, Sandra Garfinkel Shapiro, Jonathan Shea, Steven W. Siegel and Michael Tobias.

The board of directors of the Routes to Roots Foundation has always "been there" and I am deeply grateful to them for their caring, understanding, financial support, constructive ideas and willingness to attend board meetings. My fellow board members are: Michael Brenner (former), Alan Fortunoff (deceased), Margorie Goldberg, Harvey M. Krueger, Ernest W. Michel, Leonard Polisar and Jill Sagarin.

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In Belarus, I worked primarily with archivists and directors within the archival system including Vladimir I. Adamushko, director of the National Center for Archives and Records Management; Vyacheslav L. Nosevich, director of the Belarussian Research Center of Electronic Records; Alla K. Golubovich, director, National Historical Archives of Belarus, Minsk; and her vice-director, Larisa M. Lesova; Sergei A. Ribchonuk (NHAB); Karina P. Batrakova, director, National Historical Archives of Belarus in Grodno; Larissa I. Yunina, director, Grodno Oblast Archives; Olga I. Serotkina, archivist, Grodno Oblast Archives.

I am also grateful to Aleksandr P. Ostrovsky (former) Consul General in New York from Belarus, and his vice-consul, Igor V. Zalomai; Anatol Lukyanov, Press Service, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Minsk.

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In Lithuania, cooperation came from Vidas Grigoraitis, General Director, Lithuanian Archives Department, and the Deputy General Director, Viktoras Domarkas; Laima Tautvaisaite, director, Lithuanian State Historical Archives, the vice-director, Alfonsas Tamulynas; and Galina Baranova, archivist; Dalius Zizys, director, Lithuanian Central State Archive; Gintaras Druckus, director, Kaunas Regional Archives; Vitaliya Gircyte, chief archivist, Kaunas Regional Archives.

I am also grateful to Rimantas Morkvenas, Consul General of Lithuania in New York for his interest and support of this project.

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For the past ten years, I have worked with Vitaly Chumak, who lives in Ataki, on the Northern border of Moldova. Vitaly is my colleague and he serves as my translator, coordinator of all my travel in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus; liaison with various archives; photographer; and most of all, my friend. Without his continuing help and enthusiasm, I could not have proceeded at all.

I am very grateful to Vasile Isak, director of the State Archives Service for his many years of support and cooperation. Also, in Moldova, I received assistance from Antonina Berzoi, director, National Archives of Moldova; Lucia Ciobanu, director, Civil Records Offices (in Moldova); Silvia Cotici, department head, Civil Records Offices (Kishinev); Vasile Isak, director, State Archives Service of Moldova

I am also grateful to Yurie Vition, Mass Media Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Michael Sears, Vice-Consul of the U.S. in Kishinev; and Ambassador Ion Botnaru, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Moldova to the United Nations (in New York).

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In Poland, the research and production team included Mariola Jeziak Pierzchanowski and her husband, Roman Pierzchanowski. At the Jewish Historical Institute: Feliks Tych, director; Eleonora Bergman, vice-director; and Jan Jagielski, manager of Department of Documentation of Jewish Monuments; and Urszula Olszewska, director, Urzad Stanu Cywilnego w m. st. Warszawie, Archiwum.

I am grateful to the administrative staff and many archivists at the Polish State Archives including Daria Nalecz, director; Andrzej Biernat, vice-director; Marzena Januszewska, Head of International Cooperation Department; Anna Laszuk, Acting Director, Archival Information Centre, as well as literally hundreds of archivists throughout Poland.

Also helpful for many years is Ambassador Dariusz Jadowski, Polish Embassy, Washington D.C.

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In Ukraine, I want to thank Ruslan Y. Pyrih, Director General, State Committee on Archives of Ukraine and the Deputy Director General, Hennadii Boriak, for coordinating the verification of archive data throughout the archives of Ukraine. I imposed on Dr. Boriak continually for more information and he responded with an enthusiasm and professionalism that was wonderful. I have come to know many archivists in Ukraine through the twelve years we have worked together and I am grateful to all of them.

While there is a risk in inadvertently omitting some names, I would like to acknowledge the following archivists from various oblast archives (and their branch archives) throughout Ukraine who provided updated and expanded inventories for this project:

Olga Muzychuk, director, Central State Historical Archive, Kiev; Diana Peltz, director, Central State Historical Archive of Ukraine, Lviv; Shandor-Arpad S. Lakatosh, Director, Beregovo Division Archive (Zakarpatskiy Oblast Archives); Tetiana A. Klimenko, director, Cherkassy Oblast Archives; A.I. Nedilya, director, Chernihiv Oblast Archives; Ludmila S. Anokhina, director, Chernivtsy Oblast Archives; Ludmila V. Gurbova, director, Archives of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in Simferopil; Valentina O. Yurkova, director, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Archives; Nadiya B. Metalnikova, director, and M.V. Korovina, archivist, Donetsk Oblast Archives; Katerina P. Mutsan, director, Ivano Frankivsk Oblast Archives; Zinaida M. Klimishina, archivist, and Oleg Kachkovskiy, archivist; and Yura S. Rudenko, archivist, Kamenets Podolskiy City-State Archives; Viktoria V. Reznikova, director, and L.M. Momot, archivist, Kharkiv Oblast Archives; Antonina V. Karpova, director, Kherson Oblast Archives; P.Y. Slobodyanyuk, director, and G.G. Osadcha, archivist, Khmelnitskiy Oblast Archives; Volodimir P. Danilenko, director; and Valentina N. Osenko, archivist, Kiev Oblast Archives; Tamara V. Chvan, director, Kirovohrad Oblast Archives; Ivan S. Okov, director, Lugansk Oblast Archives; Vyacheslav I. Kutsinda, director, and I.L. Shtatman, archivist, Lviv Oblast Archives;Larysa Levchenko, director, Nikolayev Oblast Archives;Tetyana O. Gogolina, director, Odessa Oblast Archives; Ludmila V. Shipilko, director, Priluki Division Archives (Chernigiv Oblast Archives); O.V. Kondratuk, archivist, Rivne Oblast Archives; Larisa Y. Zaika, director, Sumy Oblast Archives; Bogdan V. Chavarivsky, director, Ternopil Oblast Archives; Faina A. Vinokurova, vice-director, and Oleksander S. Petrenko, chief archivist, Vinnitsa Oblast Archives; Volodimir M. Gika, director, Volynsk Oblast Archives; Mikhailo V. Delegan, director, Zakarpatskiy Oblast Archives; O.S. Tedeev, director, Zaporozhye Oblast Archives; Mikolai V. Shapran, director; Ruslan Y. Kondratuk, archivist and Dina Y. Samoluk, archivist, Zhitomir Oblast Archives.

Within the Jewish Communities, I would like to thank Rabbi Yakov Bleich and Rabbi Moshe Reuven Azman, Kiev;
Rabbi Moishe Leib Kolesnik, Ivano Frankivsk; Rabbi Shlomo Bryer, Berdichev; Pavel G. Lipin, Priluki; Isaak P. Novoseletsky, Vinnitsa; Rabbi Shlomo Vilhelm, Zhitomir; Abram D. Kaplun, Mogilev Podolskiy.

In Ukraine, I am grateful to Ambassador Carlos Pascual (U.S. Ambassador to Kiev) and his assistant, Mary Ann Lucee; from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kiev, I was also assisted by Viktoria Borodina, Attache, and Andriy Dolganov. For many years, I have been guided and assisted by Yuri V. Bohayevsky (former Consul General in New York and now Ambassador to Brazil). Also helpful from the Consulate General of Ukraine in New York were Serhiy Pogoreltsev, Consul; Yuriy Shkurenko, vice-consul. In Kiev, I want to thank Feliks Pechersky (Hotel "Feliks"); Larisa Sergeivna Mazurenko, director, Ostrog Regional Museum; the staff of the Grand Hotel in Lviv, including Sofia Akkerman and Natalia Semenova; Judge Pavel A. Linnik, Khmelnitskiy; Leontina Ivanovna Frankowskaya, director, Regional ZAGS Office in Shepetovka.

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