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The database relates to towns within the current borders of Moldova and some towns that were formerly in the geographical region known as Bukovina.

The documents were located in the following repositories:

(A=National Archives)
Moldova National Archives
67b Gheorghe Asachi Street
Kishinev 277028, Republic of Moldova
Tel: 373/0422/73-58-27 Fax: 373/22/72-10-57

(Z=ZAGS Archives) Archives of Ancient Acts (civil registrations)
82, 31 August Street
Kishinev 277019, Republic of Moldova
Tel/Fax: 373/0422/23-70-50

Note: To contact a specific ZAGS office in towns throughout Moldova, first write to the above office, specifiy the town that interests you (using current spelling) and request address, telephone number and name of director of ZAGS office in that town. Make your inquiry very brief as few people in this office are fluent in English. Then write to director of ZAGS office in the town that interests you, again keeping your inquiry brief and specific.

Included in this database are repositories outside of Moldova holding documents for towns within the current borders of Moldova including:

State Archive of Chernivtsy Oblast
ul. Shevchenka 2
Chernivtsy 274000, Ukraine
Tel: 380/3722/2-30-29

State Archives of Khmelnytskyi Region
99 Grushevskogo Str.
Khmelnytskyi, 29000 (building 1, 2) 4, Theatrical Str.
Tel: +380(382) 76-47-39, 79-75-59
Tel/Fax.: +380(382) 76-47-39

Russian State Historical Archives
Angliiskaia nab. (formerly Krasnogo Flota), 4
St. Petersburg 190000 Russia
Tel: 7/812/311-0926; Fax: 7/812/311-2252

Note: Regarding the Romanian alphabet, for simplicity purposes and other logistical issues, towns in Moldova are listed in the Roman alphabet (after 1917) and without the Romanian accents.

Regarding transliteration, town names are transliterated from the Russian spelling (all documents prior to 1917). Therefore, the entry for the capital of Moldova is spelled Kishinev, not Chisinau (current spelling).

Note: For additional information about documents, archives and towns in Moldova, visit:
JewishGen: (many related sites available here)
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Family History Library:
      (search by place name to see if your ancestral town has been microfilmed)
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