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The database includes documents for towns within the current borders of Lithuania and towns that were formerly in Poland, but are now within the borders of Lithuania.

The documents were located in the following repositories:

Vilnius Lithuanian Archives Department
Mindaugo 8
Vilnius LT-03134, Lithuania
Tel: 370/5/265-1137; Fax: 370/5/265-2314
Note: to contact apskritis/province and rajon/district archives in Lithuania, CLICK HERE and then click on ARCHYVU SISTEMA (second item on menu). Scroll down until you find the address of the archive of interest.

Note: There are no archive inventories or family name lists on the above website.

Lithuanian State Historical Archives (LVIA)
Gerosios Vilties 10
Vilnius LT-03134, Lithuania
Tel: 370/5/213-7484; Fax: 370/5/213-76-12

Note: The above archive requests that inquiries be sent by mail because the fax machine is not always in operation.

  Lithuanian Central State Archive
O. Milasiaus 21
Vilnius 10102, Lithuania
Tel: 370/52/47-78-29; Fax: 370/52/76-53-18
e-mail: and

Note: The above archive requests that inquiries be sent by mail because the fax machine is not always in operation.

National Library of Lithuania
Gedimino pr. 51
LT-2635 Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel: 370/2/62- 90-23
Fax: 370/2/62-71-29

Note:  The National Library’s holdings do not include
genealogical documents.

Kaunas Kaunas Regional Archives
Maironio 28a
Kaunas 44249, Lithuania
Tel: 370/27/732-3073; Fax: 370/27/732-3111

Panevezys Panevizio Apskrities Archyvas
M. Valancianus 3
Panevezys LT-5319, Lithuania
Tel/Fax: 370/45/46-15-37

Included in this database are repositories outside of Lithuania holding documents for towns within the current borders of Lithuania.

Warsaw Polish State Archives-AGAD
(Central Archives of Historical Records)

ul. Dluga 7, skr. poczt. 1005
Warszawa 00-950, Poland
Tel: 48/22/831-5491; Fax: 48/22/831-1608

Jewish Historical Institute
ul. Tlomackie 3/5
Warszawa 00-090, Poland
Tel: 48/22/827-9221; Fax: 48/22/827-8372

Suwalki State Archive in Suwalki
ul. Kosciuszki 69
Suwalki 16-400, Poland
Tel: 48/87/565-0185; Fax: 48/87/566-2167

National Historical Archives of Belarus in Grodno
2 Tizengauza Square
Grodno 230023, Republic of Belarus
Tel: 375-0152/44-94-66 or 47-28-56

Jerusalem Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People
P.O. Box 1149,
Jerusalem 91010, Israel

Note: Any research involving roots in Lithuania should always include the vast material of YIVO Institute in New York City. Sample holdings include:
  • Jews of Zagare, 1923 census
  • Jews living in Ukmerge in 1923 who were eligible to vote (2,083 names)
  • Voterís list, 1923, Ukmerge
YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, 15 West 16th Street
New York, NY 10011-6301

Note: Regarding the Lithuanian alphabet, for simplicity purposes and other logistical issues, towns in Lithuania are listed in the Roman alphabet and without the Lithuanian accents. Transliteration is from the former Russian spelling because the language of the relevant documents (and time period) is Russian.

Note: For additional information about documents, archives and towns in Lithuania, visit:

Family History Library:
      (search by place name to see if your ancestral town has been microfilmed)
Jewish Records Indexing Project – Poland:
Litvak Special Interest Group:
JewishGen: (and many related sites available here)

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