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The image database on this website consists of photographs and postcard views of towns and localities within the current borders of Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, with a limited number for towns in Romania, (former) Yugoslavia, Italy, Hungary, (former) Czechoslovakia, France, South Africa, Germany and Latvia.

There are 2132 total images including town views as well as:

  • 571 images of Jewish cemeteries
  • 377 images of Synagogues
  • 173 images of Holocaust monuments and memorials

The images date back to the early 1900s and forward to the present time. New images are being added regularly.

Many of the images originally appeared in "Jewish Roots in Poland" and "Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldova" and some of the images are reproduced here with permission of the publisher of the foregoing books (The Miriam Weiner Routes to Roots Foundation). Other images and photographs are from the Miriam Weiner Archives and used with permission from Miriam Weiner.

All images are subject to the same copyright restrictions and protections as described on the Home Page of this website.

We are very grateful to Dmitry Peysakhov, photographer extraordinaire for giving us his permission to publish these images on the Routes to Roots Foundation, Inc. website. These photographs of daily Jewish life in dozens of towns - both large and small - sparkle with the vitality and energy of the remaining Jews throughout Ukraine. When I see Dmitry's photographs, it is not difficult to imagine what my ancestors and their descendants would be doing now, had they not immigrated or been murdered during the Holocaust.

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