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The database includes documents for towns within the current borders of Belarus and towns that were formerly in Poland, but are now within the borders of Belarus.

The documents were located in the following repositories:

Minsk National Center for Archives and Records Management
10 Kollektornaya Street
Minsk 220048, Republic of Belarus
Tel/Fax: 375/017/220-51-20
Note: to contact oblast/district and zonal/regional archives in Belarus, CLICK HERE.

National Historical Archives of Belarus in Minsk
55 Kropotkina Street
Minsk 220002, Republic of Belarus
Tel: 375/017/268-6522; Fax: 268-6520;

Minsk Oblast Archives
26 Kozlova Street
Minsk 220038, Republic of Belarus
Tel: 375/017/236-1126, 236-1176, 236-1387;
Fax: 236-1426

Grodno National Historical Archives of Belarus in Grodno
2 Tizengauza Square
Grodno 230023, Republic of Belarus
Tel: 375-0152/44-94-66 or 47-28-56

Grodno Oblast Archives
84 Dzerzhinsk Street
Grodno 230005, Republic of Belarus
Tel/Fax: 375/0152/72-24-43 and 47-04-92

Grodno ZAGS Archives
3 Ozheshko Street
Grodno 230023 Republic of Belarus
Tel: 375/0152/47-09-54, 72-30-20
Tel/Fax: 375/0152/31-20-85

In this database, there are repositories outside of Belarus holding documents for towns within the current borders of Belarus.

New York YIVO Institute for Jewish Research,
15 West 16th Street,
New York, NY 10011-6301

Warsaw Polish State Archives-AGAD
(Central Archives of Historical Records)

ul. Dluga 7, skr. poczt. 1005
Warszawa 00-950, Poland
Tel: 48/22/831-5491; Fax: 48/22/831-1608

Jewish Historical Institute
ul. Tlomackie 3/5
Warszawa 00-090, Poland
Tel: 48/22/827-9221; Fax: 48/22/827-8372

Bialystok State Archive in Bialystok
ul. Rynek Kosciuszki 4
Bialystok 15-426, Poland
Tel: 48/85/743-5603


State Archives of the Russian Federation
ul. Bol'shaia Pirogovskaia, 17
Moscow 119817 Russia
Tel: 7/095/245-8141; Fax: 7/095/245-1287

Vilnius Lithuanian State Historical Archives
Gerosios Vilties 10
Vilnius LT-03134, Lithuania
Tel: 370/2/23-74-32; Fax: 370/2/23-76-12

Kaunas Kaunas Regional Archives
Maironio 28a
Kaunas 44249, Lithuania
Tel: 370/732-3074; Fax: 370/732-3111

Jerusalem Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People
P.O. Box 1149,
Jerusalem 91010, Israel

Note: The Republic of Belarus has two official languages: Belorussian and Russian. On this website, the Archivist Insights (formerly called "Acknowledgments") of archive directors from Belarus are in the Russian language.

Note: : For additional information about documents, archives and towns in Belarus, visit:

Belarus Special Interest Group:
Family History Library:
      (search by place name to see if your ancestral town has been microfilmed)

Note: Click here for
          Lists of Jewish Farmers in the National Archives of Belarus in Grodno.

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