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Introduction -- search this database from the drop-down menu to determine the location of Holocaust documents (for example: victim lists, survivor lists, survivor testimonials, etc.) in the archives of various towns in Belarus, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland and Ukraine.

From the following example, we see that there are Holocaust documents for the time period of 1939-1945, for the town of Bialystok that can be found in the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw. The archive file numbers are also shown. The "Archive Name" is a link to the actual archive where you can request a search of the documents for your ancestral names (fee is most likely required).

Additional Archive Inventory Sources in the Ukraine Archives.

Example of a search result

Once you have determined that Holocaust documents for your town are available, you may want to search your surnames in the Surname Database. Note: A significant portion of these Holocaust lists have been digitized by me and placed in the Surname Database on this website, BUT NOT ALL LISTS. This project is ongoing.

Click here to see if your town/list of interest is included yet in the Surname Database. If not, then you can contact the relevant archive and request this search on your behalf.

NOTE: this new database also includes select entries from the following:

  • United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
    100 Raoul Wallenberg Place SW
    Washington, D.C. 20024

  • Jewish Historical Institute
    ul. Tlomackie 3/5
    00-090 Warsaw, Poland

Again, this new database only includes known Holocaust Collections in the drop-down menu from select towns in Belarus, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland and Ukraine.