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Documents included in the archival inventories can be divided into two groupings:

Documents created by the Jewish community, including metrical books--Birth, death, marriage and divorce records; Jewish school records and Jewish hospital records; kahal (Jewish community council) documents (including Jewish community and organization records); pinkassim (Jewish register books); and other documents relating to the Jewish community.

Documents created by local and district government offices, institutions and organizations that include birth, death, marriage and divorce records; family lists; census lists and books of residents; lists of males created for conscription lists; election and voter lists; documents created during the Holocaust period, including transport lists, property records, lists of people confined in ghettos and concentration camps, and confiscated property lists; emigration records; property records; police files; public school records; name changes; tax lists; bank records; applications for business licenses and occupational lists; notary records; local government records, including wills and court documents, transfer of property to/from the Jewish community and many other related documents.

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